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First Day Of Spring
20 March

While the first day of spring is here I often say you can always tell a British summer as the rain gets warmer! 

While the days are getting longer and hopefully warmer thoughts turn to planning family parties, children's birthdays and summer bar-b-q's and choosing where to hire your bouncy castle from.  Last weekend we were contacted by someone who had been let down at the last moment and wouldn't answer their mobile phone,  luckily we were able to help and the little girls party was a great success. 

In choosing which company to hire from you have to ask yourself several questions:-

Do they only have a mobile number?

Have they a website where you can see what they hire and have gallery photos to match?

Are they only contactable on social media?  Some people set up as part time so if they don't arrive when planned they are hard to contact.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, how much public liability do they have?  How often are the inflatables safety checked and cleaned? If planning a party in a hall or function room have they been there before and will the castle fit?  You don't want to be let down on the day with disappointed children.

Where a castle or slide is placed can also be important on safety grounds,  as we have said before if being placed on a  hard standing area outside the Inflatable Standard guidelines state that 163kg of ballast must be used for each anchor point, some companies will bolt them into the ground (concrete) whilst others think 25kg per anchor point is adequate.  Likewise if the inflatable is to go in your garden you'll want it in a location where access and egress to the inflatable can be done safely ( not too close to a wall or trees, not placed over garden steps or paths) if in doubt - ask.

While the above is only a guide we can only speak from our experience and what has been told to us be other organisations and the health and safety training that we have received over the years.

Here's to a long, sunny, warm and safe bouncy summer.

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