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Sumo Suits Hire

Irashaimase! (Welcome)

Sumo suit hire has really increased in popularity over the last couple of years and they will really add some fun and excitement to your event. Deep down everyone loves dressing up; who wouldn’t love to dress up in a Sumo suit hire costume and have a play fight??


  • Sumo wrestling was first recorded in 16th century Japan
  • The sport’s rules and traditions have hardly changed at all over the last few hundred years


Want to play by some rules?

  • Sumo wrestlers are known as Rikishis
  • The referee is called a Gyoji
  • The Rikishis stand opposite each other in the large, circular ring called a Dohyo (sumo arena)
  • At the sound of the Gyoji’s whistle, the Rikishis clap their hands and raise them at the same time to show that they are not armed.
  • Now the fight begins!
  • The primary aim of sumo is to push your opponent out of the Dohyo.
  • You will also win if you are the Rikishi who causes the other to lose balance and make any other part of their body, apart from their feet, touch the floor.
  • You can use your chest, stomach, and arms
  • The Gyoji makes sure that the rules are followed and the fight is fair
  • The Gyoji announces the winner

Sumo Suit Hire Southport

Hire a sumo suit today in Southport and demonstrate your superior and incredible physical strength!


  • Outdoors, the sumo suit hire equipment can only be set up on a grass surface
  • You will need to sign a disclaimer before we can leave our sumo suit hire equipment with you.
  • Please have some photo I.D. available for us to see
  • Adult sumo suit hire comes with a neck brace and helmet
  • Children can join in the fun too with sumo suits hire available for those aged 5 and up.

Why not hire a family set of sumo suits and see who really is the boss?


Adult Sumo
Childs Sumo
Family Sumo
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